2F2 + 2OH^– → 2F^– + OF2 + H2O is a type of ______________ A.


2F2 + 2OH^– → 2F^– + OF2 + H2O is a type of ______________

A. combination reaction

B. displacement reaction

C. disproportionate reaction

D. decomposition reaction

The question was posed to me in quiz.

The query is from Redox Reactions and Electrode Processes topic in division Redox Reactions of Chemistry – Class 11

The correct answer is C. disproportionate reaction

The best I can explain: Disproportion reaction occurs when an element in a compound after reactions splits into two different oxidation States i.e. it is reduced and oxidized. In the above reaction. Florine is reduced as well as oxidized, so it is a disproportionate reaction.