Complete the paragraph using the words in the box. Suri lkun and Two Birds Once, in a village in East Nusa Tenggara, there (1) ____ a family of farmers with fourteen children, seven men and seven women. The youngest son named Suri lkun. He was a (2) ____ and helpful boy. Therefore, his parents loved him so much. He was totally different from his six brothers who were spoiled and lazy. Suri lkun's parents (3) ____ a large farm. One day, the plantations in their farm were destroyed by wild boars. Suri lkun's parents looked sad and confused. Seeing this, Suri lkun suggested his father that they planted vegetables again. Then, to keep the farm from wild boars, Suri lkun and his six brothers would stand guard the farm alternately. Suri lkun's father decided to follow his advice. However, Suri lkun's brothers were not happy with their father's decision. They tried to find a way to avoid their (4) ____ to become night watchmen. Finally, they made Suri lkun stood guardthe farm every night. Suri lkun, who was kind-hearted, never got annoyed with his brothers' behavior. Therefore, his parents loved him more and more. Their parents' love for Suri made the six brothers (5) ____. Then, they planed something to hurt Suri lkun. One day, Suri lkun's brothers asked him to go to the forest to hunt. Without a suspicion, Suri lkun agreed. Arriving in the forest, instead of hunting animals, Suri lkun was even (6) ____ in a cave by his brothers. Not knowing the way home, Suri lkun finally lived in the cave. One day two birds entered the cave. The birds' foot were injured. Feeling pity, Suri lkun treated the birds and fed them. Every day Suri lkun took care of the birds until they finally healed. "Suri lkun, you are a good person," said the bird. Suri lkun was surprised to find the bird could speak. "Do not be afraid, we will not hurt you. We are (7) ____ to you for taking care of us. As a return we will take you out of this (8) ____,"continued the bird. "Is it true?" asked Suri lkun. So pleased, he forgot his surprise to find birds that could speak. "Yes, we will take you to a beautiful place," said the bird. "Thank you, good birds. I've been wanted to leave this place for a long time, but I do not know how to get out of this forest," said Suri lkun. "Come up to my back," ordered the bird. After some time flying in the air, the two birds landed in a (9) ____ palace. "Because you have a noble heart, we give this palace to you," said one of the birds. "May you be happy in this palace," said the other bird. Suri lkun thanked the two birds. He was very happy, because he not only got a beautiful palace, but also he got (10) ____ to a princess who was very beautiful. Then, Suri lkun became a wise king in that country. Source: http://agussiswoyo.com/sejarah-nusantara/cerita-rakyat-nusa-tenggara-timur-dongeng-suri-ikun-dan-dua-ekorburung/ (7) ____

Soal tersebut meminta untuk melengkapi bagian rumpang ketujuh dengan kata yang tepat dari pilihan kata di dalam kotak.

Kalimat yang memiliki bagian rumpang ketujuh apabila diterjemahkan akan menjadi "Jangan takut, kami tidak akan menyakitimu. Kami (7) ____ kepadamu karena telah merawat kami."

Kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi bagian rumpang tersebut adalah kata sifat , yaitu "bersyukur" atau " grateful ".

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah " grateful ".

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