Work in pairs. Put the correct passive voice form of words in the blank spaces. Then, discuss the questions. Fish Gohu Fish Gohu is raw fish dishes which (1) ____(can/ find) in Ternate, Indonesia. It (2) ____(call) Ternate's sashimi. This dish (3) ____(know) for using raw Tuna or Skipjack. It (4) ____ (say) that the fish will be cooked without being literally cooked. Coconut oil, red chili, shallots, lime juice, Sea salt, and pepper (5) ____ (combine) in a mixing bowl. The mixture (6)____ (heat) gently, not to bring it to boiling point. Skipjack (7) ____ (slice) into bite-sized cubes. Pieces of tuna (8) ____ (arrange) in a bowel. The oil mixture (9) ____(pour) on top of it. The dish (10) ____(may/serve) with pili nuts, pomelo, cherry tomatoes, mint leaves, and lemon basil leaves. Source: http://www.buro247.sg/lifestylelfood-and-drink/saturdaysessions-gohu-ikan-tuna-recipe.html The oil mixture (9) ____(pour) on top of it.

Pembahasan soal nomor 9

Soal meminta untuk mengubah kalimat tersebut menjadi kalimat pasif ( passive voice )dengankata yang ada di dalam tandakurung.

Pola kalimat Passive Voice dalam Simple Present Tense yaitu:

S + is/am/are + V3


Subjek I menggunakan am Subjek he, she, it menggunakan is Subjek you, we, they menggunakan are

Berdasarkan pola tersebut, maka kalimatnya menjadi:

The oil mixture is poured on top of it. (Campuran minyak dituangkan di atasnya.)

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat untuk melengkapi bagian rumpang tersebutadalah " is poured" .

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