Complete the following text with correct passive voice form of the words in the blank spaces for questions 1-15. Culture of lndonesia The culture of lndonesia (1) ____ (reflect) in its culinary heritage. Some of the traditional dishes of lndonesian archipelago are popular around the world. Here is a list of favorite and extremly popular traditional foods and drink of Indonesia. First is nasi goreng (2) ____(consider) the national dish of the country. The stir fried rice flavored with spices (3) ____(serve) with fried eggs, veggies, chili sauce, and cracker. Second is bakso. It is Indonesian meatballs made from beef.The term (4) ____(use) to represent single meat balls or the meatballs soup. It (5) ____(find) everywhere in Indonesia and no wonder why it (6) ____(call) the national street food of the country. The savory soup (7) ____ (serve) with chicken broth, yellow noodles, fried shallots, celery, hot sauce, and the special meatballs. Third is sate or satay. This dish (8) ____(make) from meat slices or chunks. The meat (9) ____(grill) over charcoal fire outdoors and (10) ____ (serve) with spicy seasoning. Fourth is bir pletok. Though its name indicates beer, this drink is completely non-alcoholic. This drink (11) ____(made) from various unique ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, sugar, lemongrass, and other natural ingredients. Last is wedang serbat. This traditional Javanese drink (12) ____(made) usingginger and brown sugar. This healthy beverage (13) ____ (serve) when the weather is cold. The basic ingredients in the juice (14) ____(believe) to cure nausea and increase stamina. This drink (15) ____(find) easily in food stall that serve traditional drink. Source: http://www .traveltourxp.com/9-traditional-and-popular-food-and-drinks-of-indonesia/ (8) ____

Pembahasan soal nomor 8

Soal meminta untuk melengkapi paragraf rumpang dengan bentuk pasif ( passive voice ) dari kata di dalam kurung.

Berikut adalah pola Passive Voice dalam Simple Present Tense :

S + is/am/are + V3


Subjek I menggunakan am Subjek he, she, it menggunakan is Subjek you, we, they menggunakan are

Subjek pada kalimat tersebutadalah " this dish " yang kata gantinya adalah " it ".Oleh karena itu, kalimatnya menjadi:

This dish is made from meat slices or chunks. (Hidangan ini dibuat dari irisan atau potongan daging.)

Soal tersebut tidak memiliki jawabanbenar.

Jawaban yang tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat rumpang tersebut adalah" is made".

Jadi, jawaban yang benaradalah " is made".

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